Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Superb Parrot - An Aussie Under Threat

Superb Parrots like this male feed on a range of foods such as seeds, fruits and flowers

The largely green Superb Parrot is a swift flyer that like many Australian species is under continued pressure at the hands of man and faces continued pressure from introduced species. This long-tailed Australian native that occupies parts of NSW, the ACT and Victoria has a federal threat listing of vulnerable.

Sadly for the wild population the pressures continue to grow and it is affecting some populations of this species. It would appear that whilst some populations appear to be spreading this may not necessarily be the case. It is thought this may actually be due to the birds looking for a better supply of food/nesting sites

Female Superb Parrots lack the yellow face of the male

One such population facing tough times is detailed on the ABC website (see link below). This is yet another species we can't afford to lose and fortunately steps are being taken to attempt to protect populations of the bird. This article highlights some of the great work being done to ensure the species is not lost. Only time will tell though if the work done will save the species.

Link to article

Further information on the Superb Parrot can be found via these links.

Many thanks to Gordon Dosser for supplying photos of Superb Parrots feeding at Numurkah, Victoria.

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