Monday, 6 October 2014

Smart Phone Egg Candling

smart phone egg candler scarlet macaw samsung torch light
Using a Samsung Smart Phone to Candle a Healthy Scarlet Macaw Egg

I recently posted a photo of mine on Facebook (see above) that has seen a lot of positive feedback. The photo is that showing a Scarlet Macaw egg being candled using a smart phone. As can be seen the torch application that was downloaded onto the phone works brilliantly for candling parrot eggs.

Back in the day I would use an old not so smart phone to do the same thing when inspecting eggs in the nest. These days the torch apps are brilliant and many available as free downloads for the various operating systems. I believe the strength of the light they emit is also stronger these days so why not use them where possible?

I still use an LED Torch at times but find it hard to go past using a smart phone when checking nests. Smart phones are ideal because unlike a torch we tend to carry them everywhere we go. Often many of us go down for a quick look at our birds only to find the hen off the nest and wanting to have a quick check to see if the eggs are fertile. 

If a torch isn't left in the bank where the aviaries are kept or we don't have one on us we may have to head back to grab a torch. The problem is that murphy's law suggests that when we return the hen will be back on the nest. Again as is habit many of us will still have out smart phones on us so it makes thinks much easier. Candle away and enjoy seeing that development in your eggs :)

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