Thursday, 7 August 2014

Lutino Long-bills

lutino eastern long billed corella jade welch birds jadewelchbirds
Close up of the Lutino (?) Eastern Long-billed Corella
Mutations come in a wide range of colour's. Some are striking whilst others are more subdued. Some mutations appear to change a bird so little that if you don't look closely you may not notice it is different from the wild type. One example is the lutino mutation in the White Cockatoo group. Lutino in most parrots is a beautiful yellow however in the white cockatoos the colour changes little. As such it is not hard too overlook a lutino bird.

The bird you see here is believed to be a Lutino Eastern Long-billed Corella. The bird differs from the wild type in the colouration of the eyes, feet, beak and skin around the eye. I have supplied a comparison shot of the mutation next to a normal Long-billed Corella. I am sure those viewing will agree that it is a mutation that barely stands out.
long-billed corella lutino long billed corella jadewelchbirds jade welch birds
Note the differences between Wild Type Left Vs Mutation Right
The story behind this bird is interesting. The Eastern Long-billed Corella is seen as a pest through out much of its range and as such is shot by farmers or trapped and gassed etc. The bird though in the photo was caught by a licensed trapper who is permitted to trap Eastern Long-billed Corellas and other species for the bird trade.

It was noticed at the time during handling that this bird was different from the other trapped birds. As with the other trapped birds this one was put up for sale although for a higher price. Many who have walked past this bird at the shop where it is for sale have not noticed the difference and this might explain why the bird lived successfully in the wild. The likelihood of this mutation being predated in the wild is much less compared to many other mutations as the overall colour of the bird has not changed greatly.

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