Sunday, 31 August 2014

Parrot Aviary Construction

jadewelchbirds suspended aviaries perky parrots

Aviaries come in many shapes and sizes. Some are conventional, some are suspended and some are a combination of both. Some have frames made of wood, some have frames made of steel, some have frames made of aluminium and some don’t have a frame and are just made of wire. Whatever the case what do you do if you have never built aviaries before?

It might seem like a big project to get off of the ground and sure it can be but it is also a little exciting as well. Getting plans for aviaries when you first start can be hard but the best thing to do is visit as many breeders as possible and get your ideas from there. You quickly learn from others what has worked and what hasn’t. Why it has worked and why It hasn’t worked etc.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Nest Boxes for Parrots - Essential for breeding

Rainbow Lorikeet Hollow Jadewelchbirds jade welch birds
Rainbow Lorikeet at its hollow nest

Parrots & Cockatoos are for the most part birds that nest in hollows within trees, cliffs or termite mounds with the exception of a few. So for breeding most require a receptacle that allows them to do what is natural and that is nest in a receptacle that imitates what they would find in the wild. Visit a number of parrot breeders and you might just observe that each breeder uses a diverse range of nestboxes. But WHY?

Friday, 8 August 2014

My latest Article (Australian Birdkeeper Volume 27 Issue 4)

The latest issue of Australian Birdkeeper has been released and with it comes a cover photo of one of the clowns of the bird world, the Black-headed Caique. This issue features articles on parrot species such as the Northern Rosella, Malabar and my article on Caiques. Caiques are captivating birds that are on the increase worldwide and it is not hard to see why. It is hoped that this article will shed some light on the basics of keeping and breeding this group of avian clowns. Aside from the parrots there are articles on aviary design, finches and much more.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Lutino Long-bills

lutino eastern long billed corella jade welch birds jadewelchbirds
Close up of the Lutino (?) Eastern Long-billed Corella
Mutations come in a wide range of colour's. Some are striking whilst others are more subdued. Some mutations appear to change a bird so little that if you don't look closely you may not notice it is different from the wild type. One example is the lutino mutation in the White Cockatoo group. Lutino in most parrots is a beautiful yellow however in the white cockatoos the colour changes little. As such it is not hard too overlook a lutino bird.