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Nandays needing attention!

nanday conure jade welch birds
Nanday Conures are far from bland
An exotic of magnificence the Nanday Conure (Nandayus nenday) is a sight to behold. Easily distinguished by that black cap from which they get the alternative name of Black-hooded Parrot these striking predominately green birds fly swiftly. A wild flock numbering in the hundreds is not unusual and not surprisingly for this species they are often heard before being seen. 

Nesting takes place in palms or hollows in trees and smaller family parties as apposed to large flocks are not unusual to see after breeding. Their numbers have decreased in parts owing to capture of birds for the world trade however they remain largely common. Wild birds are known to feed on a varied diet and at times they find themselves in trouble with man whilst raiding crops. 

Within a captive environment this is one species that sadly often gets overlooked and they are for the most part highly underrated. They are straightforward in their requirements, which varies little from that of the Sun Conure and other Aratinga Conures. They are highly social although pairs breeding will vigorously defend their territory and like many of the Aratinga conures they are it must be said noisy. 

nanday conure jade welch birds
Breeding Pair of Nanday Conures
That noise aside they are not just a drab green bird. Take a closer look and one will see brilliant reds, blues, blacks and tight feathering. Caution should be taken, as the Nanday Conure is a species that could easily be lost to aviculture if measures are not taken to preserve them. They are a challenge to breed and the noise they make can be somewhat of a put off but don’t let that deter you. If you can keep them then why not give them a go?

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