Saturday, 12 July 2014

Parrots 2014 - A HUGE SUCCESS

July 4-6 saw the hosting of the 2014 Parrots convention. A convention organized and run by the Parrot Society of Australia Inc. Parrots convention is put on every two years and caters for both the breeder and pet bird enthusiast. The line up of speakers for this year’s convention was world class yet again with vets, breeders, behavourists, educators, trainers and conservationists captivating the audience. Speakers for Parrots come from all corners of the globe and this year they brought various perspectives, experiences and knowledge that the audience found extremely helpful and that fostered thinking.

The Parrots 2014 speaker line up minus Steve Martin (Photo By Mike Hannant)

One of the highlights is always catching up with friends from the past, creating new friends and meeting others who have a similar interest and as always meeting with the speakers and asking the pressing questions. The other highlight is the conservation dinner on Saturday night where this year a large donation was made to save the Norfolk Island Green Parrot. That truly shows that pet and aviary bird owners are happy to dig deep and put their hands in their pockets to conserve species despite what some may think.

Presentation of the $15000 Cheque to help save the Norfolk Island Green Parrot. (photo by Mike Hannant)
I was fortunate enough to be in the audience for the whole of the convention and have to thank the committee of the Parrot Society of Australia Inc. and their volunteers for the tireless work they do organizing and putting together what is one of the premier avicultural events in Australia. I also have to thank the speakers for making themselves available to talk at the convention and so open to answering questions. I highly recommend that if you have not been to Parrots that you attend the next Parrots convention and that should you have a few dollars spare that you make a donation to the Parrot Trust of Australia.

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