Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Many Colours of the Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet jadewelchbirds jade welch wild
Wild Rainbow feeding on a Grevillea
The sub-species of the Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus h. moluccanus) that largely inhabits the East Coast of Australia is a highly variable bird. This common species visits parks, gardens and is regularly fed by homeowners at bird feeders. Unfortunately many continue to feed them a poor diet of seed or milk, bread and honey when products such as formulated lorikeet foods are now available. They are a vocal species and can at times be heard throughout the night in cities of Australia where large numbers roost together. 

suspended aviaries lorikeets jadewelchbirds jade welch
Suspended Aviaries used by Mark Caudwell to house various Lories & Lorikeets

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Pied Bourke - Years in the making

bourke's parrot normal jadewelchbirds jade welch
Normal Cock Bourke's Parrot

The Bourke’s Parrot would have to be one of the best beginner birds available. They are inoffensive, quiet and pretty. They make ideal aviary subjects and are well suited to a life shared with finches and other inoffensive species in planted aviaries.  Although always popular the Bourke has had a boost in popularity of late with the release in Australia of the Pied mutation of the Bourke’s Parrot.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Parrots 2014 - A HUGE SUCCESS

July 4-6 saw the hosting of the 2014 Parrots convention. A convention organized and run by the Parrot Society of Australia Inc. Parrots convention is put on every two years and caters for both the breeder and pet bird enthusiast. The line up of speakers for this year’s convention was world class yet again with vets, breeders, behavourists, educators, trainers and conservationists captivating the audience. Speakers for Parrots come from all corners of the globe and this year they brought various perspectives, experiences and knowledge that the audience found extremely helpful and that fostered thinking.

The Parrots 2014 speaker line up minus Steve Martin (Photo By Mike Hannant)

Nandays needing attention!

nanday conure jade welch birds
Nanday Conures are far from bland
An exotic of magnificence the Nanday Conure (Nandayus nenday) is a sight to behold. Easily distinguished by that black cap from which they get the alternative name of Black-hooded Parrot these striking predominately green birds fly swiftly. A wild flock numbering in the hundreds is not unusual and not surprisingly for this species they are often heard before being seen. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lucky Strike

lutino blue and gold macaw jade welch jadewelchbirds
This stunning mutation is referred to as a NSL Lutino
Imagine opening up the nestbox of one of your breeding pairs and inspecting the young only to notice that one of the chicks was totally different from any you had ever seen before. Perhaps one had red eyes whilst the others had the usual black eyes. For many the excitement would be starting to kick in but you have to tell yourself to wait and see. Imagine though that at the end you had something different. Then you could get excited.