Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Welcome to my new Blog. A blog I hope others will learn from, laugh at from time to time and enjoy reading. It will be a blog all about the birds especially Parrots. I guess it has taken me a few years to get on over and start a blog and I am not sure why? Can't be much different to what I already do on my facebook can it?

Well I guess I better introduce myself a bit. Who Am I? What do I do are all standard questions so I will try and address them. I am a young birdwatcher and aviculturalist from Australia in his 30's. I've been keeping and breeding birds as well as watching wild birds since around the age of 4.

I enjoy photographing and writing about birds and have done so and continue to do so for a number of publications. I have been fortunate to speak in front of a great number of people at conferences and clubs and enjoy doing so. Next year (2015) sees me leaving Australia to present a talk at an avicultural convention in New Zealand. Birds are not just a hobby they are a passion of mine.

Well that is a little about me. Anyway welcome aboard! Hopefully you will enjoy checking out my blog on a regular basis.

P.S Punctuation is not my strong point. :)

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