Thursday, 12 June 2014

Loving Lilac's

lilac crowned amazon jade welch birds

Mature Pair of Lilac-crowned Amazons

WOW, SPECTACULAR, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING are just some of the words that left my mouth recently. What had I seen? Lilac-crowned Amazons (Amazona f. finschi) of course.  Now I've seen these birds plenty of time before but I fail to get past the aviaries housing them every time. I just can't get enough. I just need to have one more look. It's like a fix but a good fix. You know like a chocolate fix but so much better.

Like me if you take one look at the Lilac-crowned Amazon you will find it hard to not like this species. Everything about them screams come take a look. They are sleek, medium in size and have a personality that often makes them a favourite with both breeders and pet bird owners around the world. It is not uncommon to hear them mimicking and enjoying themselves and that adds to the attraction. 

The combination of a brilliant green, stunning lilac, an orange iris and tight feathering is hard to surpass. Their temperament is also very agreeable and makes them highly south after. A bird which is becoming increasingly rare in its natural range of Mexico the Lilac-crowned Amazons has formed flocks in parts of North America where it now breeds. Take one look and I am sure you will agree these birds are stunning. 

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